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If you’re looking for a new website, or just need your old one overhauled, then you’ve come to the right place!

Bree Blila

WebMaster, Software Developer

Welcome to the WebWorks with Bree website.

I started this business as a side gig so I could build websites for friend’s who own their own businesses. Some had no idea what kind of site they needed, others were too overwhelmed with DIY websites that promise easy creation and maintenance, and even worse-some were getting charged way too much money per month for sub-par websites through other companies.

My objective was simple; get them up and going, and teach them how to maintain and update their sites with new content, or keep me on board for growing with their business since I really love doing this kind of work.

While I still work full time in the software development world, I love having WebWorks as a side business so I can help WordPress my local community, and enabling my fellow neighbors to get noticed on the web.

Some Facts About Me:

  • Computer Science Degree
  • 20 years of experience
  • 50+ successful projects
  • Innovative problem solver
  • Responsible & Transparent
  • Attentive to details


Why You Should Build Your Website With Me


Based on your website needs, I can find the right WordPress theme to fulfill and capture your audience, and customize it until its just right.


I live in a world of deadlines, and I will always do my best to meet the deadlines for your project needs by using transparency in my communication with you in the duration of the project.


My creativity is embedded in my ability to programmatically solve problems, yet still think and advocate for the end-user experience.


I don’t always have the answer on hand to fix any roadblocks that may occur during the website project, but you can bet I’ll find the answer and get it resolved and implemented for success.


Check Out My Works

My past projects have spanned a number of different aspects of website usages. Many are functional in nature. Some are just for making a footprint on the web. But every website project is unique and customized to make the right statement for you.


Stuff I’m Really Good At

Web Sites Development

- WordPress, Javascript -

Web Site Development

Specializing in customizable WordPress theme implementation

E-Shops Development

- WooCommerce & Storefront -

E-Shops Development

Perfect WordPress plug-in for your small business sales needs.

Social Media Marketing

- SEO, SMM, AdWords -

Social Media Marketing

SEO to boost your site presence and popularity, Social Marketing Contacts referrals, Social Media links and customization


6 Short Steps Towards Your
Brand New Website
  • 1. Discussion

    Let’s chat about YOU! We’ll first meet to identify your website needs, desires, timelines and budget. This meeting is all about ensuring that we, as a team, are the right combination to ensure your website success.

  • 2. Planning

    We’ll identify your timeline and goals, continue brainstorming if needed on the the functionality of your site, and begin really teaming up for project success. Server configurations, domain needs and web-services will be discussed and resolved if needed.

  • 3. Design

    Time to roll up the sleeves and get to drafting! Designing is fun and a little overwhelming, as ideas take shape meshed with various WordPress themes available to fulfill your website footprint. The imagination of how your website content will come to life here!

  • 4. Coding

    A skeletal website using an agreed upon theme will be created and reviewed iteratively as tweaking and customizing take shape, as well as content transfer if this is an upgrade from a previous site.

  • 5. Prototyping

    Where all the magic happens! Theme implementation is executed, customization and content integration is transferred into the prototype, and any additional needs can be added here prior to the finalized website.

  • 6. Website Is Ready!

    Finalization of all customized content and settings will be transferred to your domain and you are essentially LIVE on the web! Tell all your friends and lets celebrate!


Best Prices On The Market!


Nice & Quick

WordPress code-base installation, WordPress theme and customization, integratable WordPress plug-ins as needed, and basic maintenance DIY documentation.

Design variants – 2

Maintenace Documentation – yes

Maintenance Plans- no

Domain Email setup – no

Starting from $250


Big & Bold

WordPress code-base installation, theme, and plug-in customizations, domain email setup and configuration, maintenance plan offerings

Design variants – 3-4

Number of pages – up to 20

Maintenance Plans- yes

Domain Email Setup – yes

Call for Pricing

Competitive Domain and Web Hosting services available.


Special Rates for local and non-profit organizations


Contact Me Today!

If you have any questions or just want to get in touch to talk about any of my past work or services, please feel free to use the contact form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Poway, California, USA